Thursday, May 17, 2007

Sucker fish

Today a cute little email landed in my inbox. It was from Paypal (what is paypal?)!! It said I needed to update my account information and provided a link so that I could go directly to and update my information. How convenient...In fact, the email wasn't from, it was from a scamer trying to get my personal information. My point here is be suspicious of every email you get and never click on links in an email. If you want to go to the link in the email, type it in. Your bank/ebay/paypal/etc... will never ask you to update your info through an email or ask you for personal information. I took a screen shot of the email and posted a few comments on the pictures to help you spot a scam. The second picture shows the status bar at the bottom of my browser when I floated my mouse over the link that was suppose to go to Check out the pictures below, and be careful when you check your email.

Here fishy fishy..

And one more

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Kim said...

Thats good to know babe, i mean that same thing happened to me yesterday remember and i was asking u about i know how to check it... Thanks