Thursday, May 10, 2007

Local news

Not sure if you guys heard, but they closed a school today in Boulder, CO. I guess a few suspicious looking men were spotted on campus (Rocky Mountain News covered the story). I'm getting tired of hearing about this sort of thing. I was in high school when the Columbine tragedy took place and that was the first of it's kind that I knew of. It seems like this type of thing is becoming all too common and I can think of at least three school shootings in the last year or so (VTech,Baily, CO, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania). What is it about modern society that perpetuates this type of behavior? I don't buy the video games or music cop out. Kids/teens have been exposed to violence long before video games and the internet and think about some of the music you listen to: your parents probably thought it was bad for you when you were a teen. You didn't go on a killing spree because of some satanic Ozzy lyrics. There is a cultural change that is bringing this on. A universal break down in the way people treat each other. Morals are a thing of the past. Being in my 20's I can say from experience that this age group has a lack of respect for people that is unbelievable.

I'm not trying to preach, or maybe I am, but something has to change. I am tired of hearing about kids who think the only option is killing/hurting those who they view as a threat.

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Anonymous said...

hey rob its jeff, so i heard about that boulder incedent and i feel the same way its almost getting to the point where being a student you have to worry about that stuff on a daily bases.