Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Why people steal music

You want to know why people steal music? It's because the RIAA and bands DRM their music to all hell and make it harder to buy music than to steal it. Why buy music that I can barley play when I can just download it and play it on whatever device I want and on as many devices as I want?

I bought an album from Snocap directly from MySpace from a band that I like called Kill Switch Engage. I knew the album had DRM on it, but I wanted to support the band so I bought it anyway. I use Itunes as my player, but this album has Windows DRM. This means that I can only play the album with Windows Media Player. Fine. I like the band and I didn't want to "rip them off". I played it a few times, and then forgot about it because it wasn't in my Itunes library which is what I use. Then I got a new laptop and moved all my music over. All my music played fine in Itunes (because I strip the DRM with a third party app), but I was unable to play my KSE album. Here is what I get when I try to play it:

Simple right? Just download the nice executable and be on your way. Wrong. I'm still having problems. I'm sure I can get them worked out being that I'm an engineer, but that's not the point. I shouldn't have to work anything out just to listen to the music that I bought. I can't even put the shit on my Ipod. So I emailed the band telling them I won't be buying any more of their music, and because Apple just sent a C & D to my favorite fair play stripper, I won't be buying music from Itunes anymore. So where does that leave me? Well there is which doesn't have all the major labels, and there's Emusic which is in the same boat and also has a subscription model that I'm not so hot on. So what is an honest person to do? Looks like the people that are trying to keep me from stealing music are pushing me to start exploring my options.

~ Rob

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